Will internet replace the books?

Internet vs books

Do you think that modern technology, such as the internet and computers will ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?


Sample Answer 1:
It is a true that information technology has grown rapidly in the past few years, and many people predict that it will develop faster in the future. Some people believe that print out books and articles will be replaced by computer devices in the future. To a certain extent, I would agree that the number of printed books will decrease significantly in the future, but I do believe that hardcopy books will continue to exist in the future.

On the one hand, it is a fact that with the existence of the computer and internet technology, people can obtain a lot of information. People would just open the device, connect it through a network and they could search all articles that they need. There are tens of thousands of websites which provide valuable information such as www.national geographic.com or www.discovery.com. Besides that, many news corporation have also provide electronic newspapers these days, which can be read in the notebook, tab or smart-phone like CNN or BBC. As a result, many people prefer to read the information from the electronic devices rather than to purchase the print out one.

On the other hand, it is predicted that print out books, newspapers or magazines will continue to exist in future, though the number will decrease drastically. Firstly, not everyone likes to read an article through the gadget directly, since they think it is uncomfortable. They believe that the radiation of computer screen would cause eyes irritation, and give negative effect on their eyes’ health. Secondly, it is undeniable that the development of internet technology is not equally spread all over the world. The online services would only be available in advance countries and in some major cities of developing and poor countries. As a consequence, people who live in the rural or remote areas will still need the print out version.

In conclusion, although it is true that the number of electronic books or news have increased considerably in the past recent years, but the existence of the hardcopy version will be irreplaceable. As some people do not feel comfortable in reading an article directly from the computer screen, and others who live in the countryside might not have the access to the technology.


Sample Answer 2:
It is certainly true that these days, as technology advances, we are definitely drifting further towards the internet for our research needs. But I think that computer technology will never ever be a replacement to books and written information because they are the main tools used for our enjoyment purposes and education.

It is true that as technology advances and the net becomes more and more efficient; it is gaining a reputation for being the first and sometimes the only source to go when we need to search a subject. However, as the web has a large base of information, locating exactly what we need is sometimes quite a trying task. In some instances we find that it probably would have been easier to have gone to the library and used a book. Another problem we are faced with while searching online is whether or not the information is correct. We sometimes can be deceived by information on a website and be unaware that what we are writing down is incorrect.

So books will never ever be replaced even if there are lots of people using the cyberspace. This is due to the fact that books are the main tool of education and are commonly used for our leisure time. In fact, book has been with us for many thousands of years and usually used for our enjoyment purposes. For instance, reading stories in books is an ancient pastime, and although the variety of activities can undertake in our spare time has increased dramatically over the years, it is still quite common to read books. Of course they are not only used for our pastimes, but for our studies too. They play a major part in our primary, secondary and in tertiary education.

In conclusion, I think that as computer age takes over, we may use books less, especially for information purposes. However, books as we know them will not disappear; they will never ever be replaced by the information in the screen because they are used in our leisure time and the main tool for our education.


Sample Answer 3:
As the word is moving towards the modern technology and the era of advancement day-by-day and modern technology has occupied every bit of our life as we have everything available on internet or we can say that now a day things are just on the distance of a one click.

Internet and modern technology make most of the things easy for us and due to this a person can save his precious time. We can connect ourselves with the entire world via internet. Now a day everything can easily be searched on internet including books, movies, games, news, weather news etc. so the person do not need to worry about anything because through modern technology like internet and computers they make everything so easy for us.

Before the induction of internet and computers in our daily routine life we did not have that many benefits as we are having now a day so in the past people used to give more importance to the written source of information and mostly people preferred those sources. But as we all know after that much enhancement of modern technology has been done and our life has changed dramatically and it leaves a huge impact in our life style.

I personally believe that, modern technology like computers and internet will totally replace the book or written word as a source of information. Because every single thing is easily available on the internet and people mostly go with the trends of modern technology because it gives us a huge amount of benefits and saves our precious time and makes our life easier to live.


Sample Answer 4:
Technology and technological inventions appears in different forms. Some parts of it affect the entire human lives and some parts of it function just for a short period of time for some selected part of the world or population. One of distinctive shapes of technology is the Internet and computers by which our life style is altered every year. Furthermore, it effectuates our source of knowledge. In centuries we just read books to obtain knowledge but computers, specially in recent years, have changed our viewpoints.

As a direct result of advanced technology, our life became more comfortable than ever before. It is true for every aspect; even reading books and articles and gathering knowledge. Different capabilities of electronic books and websites are tempting enough to commence utilising this technology as soon as possible. For example, ability to search online and getting necessary information promptly has revolutionized the way we look for something and the way we find the sources of information.

Furthermore, capacity of storing a great number of books just on nail-sized chip has replaced the multistoried library into their online edition. In addition, the cost of reading will reduce due to not making use of physical paper. Along those benefits, we are capable of bringing e-books everywhere we go and this opportunity of portability is unique throughout history of mankind.

However, there is a widespread belief that making use of computers in every part of our life is abominable and leads to alienation. Also sometimes the cost of generating e-books is higher than physical books. Moreover the wasting of energy for storing virtual books on servers is noticeable.

To sum up, it can be argued that the merits of e-books outweigh its drawbacks and yet we should consider negative aspects and attempt eliminate them.

Sample Answer 5:
Technology has a great impact on our lives. Advancement in technology makes our lives easier than ever before. Internet; the most powerful source of information, is an extreme example for the advancement in technology. It helps us in many ways and in different fields. Moreover, our lives are completely dependent on it now.

Advancement in technology resulted in inventing computers smaller in size and bigger in their storage capacity. Computers now can do a lot of tasks that were not possible 20 years back due to continuous development in their technology. Among these tasks that related to books and writing, computers can store a lot of books in a small file instead of keeping them into shelves. Furthermore, one can reach the needed information easily through simple computer’s find function rather than keep searching into a large collection of books for several hours.

I tend to see that, it’s the age of technology and we should gain its benefits four our sake. I believe that, internet has already replaced written books and newspapers as sources of information. Many people prefer to read electronic newspapers rather than buying them as well as they prefer internet search engines like Google and Yahoo! to obtain their information more than any other written source. In addition, many schools now are using laptops, iPads, tablets in their educational regimens. Students are encouraged to send their homework electronically to their teachers to be assessed rather than doing by classical method. Besides of that, computers’ software provides spelling check and grammatical structures correction options that will aid people to write in different languages in an accurate way.

Finally, in my opinion, countries should try to introduce computers more in their people’s life due to its significant positive effects.


Sample Answer 6:
The popularity of modern gadgets is increasing day by day all over the world. In my opinion, e-books and news websites will replace printed books and newspaper.
Firstly, many publishing companies began to sell e-books instead of printed ones. Moreover, especially young people prefer reading e-books instead of reading printed books. They think it is easier and entertaining compare to reading printed books. Furthermore, many people believe that news on the website is more reliable and speedy updating than newspaper because news can change in a minute but newspaper could not update news every second.

Secondly, technology is improving amazingly. Therefore, modern gismos are being updated almost every day. Many technophiles are keeping up with this improvement. Hence, companies are obliged to change their goods. For example, Radical was the most popular newspaper in Turkey, but the publishing company had to switch their marketing strategies. As a result, it decided not to publish newspaper on paper based last year, and embarked on publishing news on website which is required to pay money in order to read news.

The technological advancement in internet and communication technology is offering so much convenient that people are switching their habit to adopt technology. There are very few young people who would buy a hard copy of a paper or magazine with taking all the hassle of going to the store and then purchasing it. They are taking advantages of technology and getting these things from their laptop, smart-phones and other hand help devices. The popularity of e-book is increasing and more and more people are reading e-books than ever.

In conclusion, as it is known, people spend most of their time on the internet. For this reason, they would like to read books, newspapers even play cards on it. Thus, they demand e-books instead of printed ones. In my view, in the future, printed books will be rarely bought and only found in the libraries.


Sample Answer 7:
Modern life has brought new tendencies to our lives and one of them is replacing books and papers by files and e-books. It seems that traditional libraries are changing to new digital ones and people are more interested to download books and magazines from internet as a file instead of purchasing them from a book store.

This is a reality that the mentioned trend is raising in each corner of the world and certainly IT would be the main resource of information in the future but such as any other phenomena, it is necessary to find the reasons of using internet more than books as a source of information in many societies.

Perhaps the most important reason is the price. In other words, when we are purchasing a book or magazine through internet, we don’t pay for papers. By contrast, we would be cost more for papers purchasing from a book store. Also the availability is another reason as we can search the name or the topic of a specific book through some websites such as Google or Yahoo and would find thousands results for that as apposite to spend time and money for finding the book in the market.

However, some people worry about the effects of reading through computers on eyes health, I think this is less likely these days, when laptop and computer manufactures are producing new healthy LEDs. But overall, this trend has helped human to save more energy sources and has had a critical role to prevent from deforestation as the wood has been the basic material for producing papers.

I think, therefore, technology has come to existence to help people have a better life and IT has been one of the best aspects of technology which makes our lives speedy, cheaper and easier to obtain information.


Sample Answer 8:
From many years, people have been preserving information in written form whether it was written in leather with the help of quill or on paper. But with the modernization and innovation people are more engaged in getting information from internet and computer. Therefore, with the access of internet and technology there is always a treats of replacing the book or the written words. I also believe that use of technology will someday replace the written words.

Firstly, human beings can adapt with changes. In ancient time people used to write on wall and create mural for information then they gradually adopted with writing on leather and then on paper. Nowadays, nobody write on leather and wall for daily purpose. Like this, if everyone has access with internet and computer then the trend of writing information on books and paper will also slowly vanish.

Secondly;people are more concerned about saving environment, and using paper means cutting tress therefore, for preserving environment people are using less paper and printed materials and more relies on soft copies such as word document and computer software which gives them opportunities to correct and re-correct their works without using papers. Besides saving papers, technologies are also cost effective.

Thirdly, individuals, organizations and companies are preparing reports in computer, email are used instead of paper mail so comparatively use of papers and written words have drastically decreased in last few decades. Similarly, people have also access to tablets, kindles, handy computer and laptop due to which magazine, novel, books and newspapers are now uploaded in electronic form.

In short, if we see the trends then use of books has dramatically decreased and if it continues, one day the modern technology will certainly replace the book or the written words.


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